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Orbia reduces its Recordable Incident Rate by 60% within a year


Orbia reduces its Recordable Incident Rate by 60% within a year

With 22,000 employees and global operations in 21 countries, Orbia, previously known as Mexichem, is a global leader in polymers, materials, and chemical manufacturing. Orbia’s commitment to bring varied cultures, resources, and ideas together to accomplish objectives based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals (SDG) by 2030 stands atop internal organizational commitment and  ProcessMAP’s EHS software solution. ProcessMAP’s innovative solutions and established best practices helped Orbia to achieve benchmark-level EHS performance across various KPIs, including the reduction in Total Incident Rate (TIR), and increased On-Time Action Item Closure Rate, amongst many others.

One of the primary challenges faced by Orbia was to digitize the existing EHS processes and empower its communities with data to make informed decisions. Acute dependencies on paper- and spreadsheet-based solutions to record EHS data resulted in significant operational inefficiencies and financial overheads that affected employees’ well-being as well as the organization’s bottom line. Additionally, Orbia required a robust solution to proactively identify risks related to employee health and safety, industrial safety, regulatory compliance and business operations.

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Orbia has built strong momentum in driving strategic EHS & Sustainability initiatives by leveraging ProcessMAP’s EHS cloud platform. To ensure safety across all facilities, within the communities they operate in, and for the environment, Orbia continues to expand the scope of ProcessMAP’s platform. Ultimately, the company is driven by a singular objective to achieve world-class EHS and Sustainability performance supported by strong leadership commitment, comprehensive employee engagement, and powerful data analytics.